“Sienna has a wonderful deep vocal tone that is deceptively mature for a girl of her age, along with a soulful style and diverse appreciation for contemporary music across a huge number of years and genres”

Gareth Henderson, Principle VocalTech, Vocal Coach

“Aside from being a skilled singer, Sienna has something very special and rare within the vast sea of young vocalists out there; an undeniable tone of voice. Add that to her kindness, beautiful smile and strong work ethic, and you have an artist you’ll never forget!”

Richard Fink IV, Throga NYC

“Sienna’s voice is really something else… coming from someone who’s been recording vocalists for longer than she’s been alive. In all honesty I’m genuinely very impressed with her vocal ability and would love to produce more of her music in the future”

Peter Renzullo, Scudley Records & Films

‘I Rise’ original music review “WOW… That just blew me away.. The lyrics, that powerful voice. What a talent. It really resonated with me and I know it would also touch a lot of souls. Please tell Sienna from me that she is an incredible talent with a very bright future… Would love to hear more. Lots of love.”


Aurelio Costarella, Fashion Designer

“I just wanted to thank you and Sienna so much for the stunning performance Sienna gave on Friday night. Without a doubt she is the most adorable teenager I have met in a long time. She has such a mature and powerful voice and such poise and sophistication in her delivery. I have a strong feeling she is going to have her name up in lights and I’m honoured to think that I could say that I met her ”

Freddie Povey, Datacom / Mercy Care Charity Dinner

Sienna’s enthusiasm, attendance, participation & willingness to push herself within our Performing Arts facility is superior. If her performance in our classes and in the public arena during her time at Vanguard Performing Arts is any indication of how she would perform, Sienna will be an enormous asset to any production”

Daniella Papa and Matt Papa, Vanguards Performing Arts Directors

“Thank you for helping us celebrate our wedding in such an amazing way. Sienna Thank you so much for your set on the evening. You wowed everyone! It was very special for both of us”

 Danielle & Donald

“I know I can challenge Sienna with any vocal technique, local, national and international, event or change and she will gladly accept it and work on it to move her forward. As a vocal coach that is exciting, but as a musician I find it inspiring. The changes I have noted in Sienna in the time we have worked together would normally take other performers several years to adapt and produce vocally. This shows me the caliber of her drive and the depth of her commitment. It is very exciting to witness”

Sonja Plummer, SDVS Studios

“I love that lower register, it’s just like Chocolate, it’s just so good. I love the honesty of your delivery; you really know how to tell a story. So believable, you’re quiet enchanting”

Voice adjudication Kieron Kulik, Jeep Management / The Garage Creative Management

“Sienna is a consummate performer who exhibited a high level of professionalism in the lead-up to her performance and generated a great energy throughout it. We received nothing but positive feedback from her performance at Cottesloe Film Festivals Closing Night Event and look forward to working with Sienna in the near future.”

Estelle Buzzard, Director
Buzz Communications / Buzz Productions / Cottesloe Film Festival

“You are so talented.. you have something to say and the world needs to hear it”

Robert ‘RAab’ Stevenson, Kimad Productions / Vocal coach to Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Kelly Rowland, Charlie Puth etc..


“Sienna connects with her personal experiences and commits fully to the emotional stakes her characters demand. She makes bold choices, takes big emotional risks and delivers dialogue naturally and intelligently”

Myles Pollard,  Actor / Director

“Sienna’s natural instincts, presence and abilities in acting are amplified by her genuine passion for and commitment to continuous development and expansion in her craft. Sienna demonstrates excellent work ethic, a fearless approach to learning and a strong understanding and application of her training and talent which extends to auditions and film projects. Sienna has been selected by industry judges for Special Mention Acting Awards in her film projects for the last two years.”

Shanta Maree, Filmbites

“Can you say triple threat???? Sienna is all that and more. In Hollywood when we find an actress this young that is tall, beautiful and can sing, act & dance we are the ones that are dancing. Dancing the happy dance because those attributes along with the youth which allows proper development is how movie stars are built. And I do mean built. I have worked with many actresses over the years who have also been triple threats but when they show up in their mid-twenties it’s almost heartbreaking because those crucial younger years of development have been lost. The years between 14 and 19 are pivotal when developing and introducing a new actress to the industry. These are the years when they are going in and meeting all of the casting directors and producers for co-stars and guest stars so that they can be considered for series regular roles when they are legal 18, after that studio features. When you consider talents like Scarlet Johansen, Blake Lively, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman and Kate Beckensdale they were all doing the ground work and paying their dues as teenagers. This is why I believe Sienna will have a huge career. She is doing the hard work and training, training, training in all three areas so that she will be ready for the opportunities when they arise. None of the actresses I listed got to where they are by luck. They made their luck. Sienna is following the same path. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity or as I like to say. “The harder you work, the luckier you get!” I see big things for Sienna”


Dennis LaValle, LaValle Actors Workshop Inc Los Angeles

“The young actor displays enormous talent with a passion for acting and maturity and professionalism beyond her years. Sienna has a fabulous work ethic and constantly applies the knowledge and advice given by her teachers and peers to her art. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a student displaying such passion, persistence and positive energy in our industry and I’m confident she will do incredibly well”.

Nicole Moreland, Director Perth Film School

“Sienna’s love for the craft is obvious, her commitment palpable and her professionalism second to none. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and is not limited in her potential to soar to great heights as an actor”

Myles Pollard, Actor / Director

“Sienna is a delight to work with. Her commitment to and passion for the acting craft are evident in her preparation, her focus and her enthusiasm for training and exploration. As a student, and as an artist, Sienna brings creativity, strong choices and great execution to her work. She enjoys discovering character insights and trying out possibilities to better connect with the layers of her characters”

Shanta Maree, Filmbites

“Sienna, in the title role, is an excellent Peter Pan, with plenty of personality, a great voice and a ton of verve”

Kimberly Shaw, Stage Whispers